B.Mus.(Hons), H.Dip.Ed. (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa)

LTCL (Teacher’s Licentiate, piano and music theory, Trinity College of Music, London)

Advanced Certificate, Piano (Royal Schools of Music, London)

Creative Writing (Medborgarskolan, Stockholm)


– 1979: B.Mus (Honours), University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, SA

– 1980: H.Dip.Ed. (Music and English), University of the Witwatersrand

– Participated as choral member and soprano soloist in the University Choir, played the flute in the University Orchestra, and played the organ at St. Martin’s-in-the-Veld Anglican Church, Johannesburg.

– 1980 – 1992: Taught music in various schools, as well as privately (piano, flute, recorder, singing and music theory).

– 1981-1986: Public performances (harpsichord) with various Baroque instrumental ensembles, (specialised in Baroque music and keyboard technique with Carol Newman, Johannesburg.)

– 1981-1987: Music Department of the SABC: Classical Music Programme Compiler and script-writer: interviewed musicians, and selected the music for Classical music radio programmes.

– Then a Music Producer: recording, editing and preparing for broadcast the recordings of both local and overseas artists. Participated in the production of television broadcasts, including recitals, opera productions, and the annual International Piano Competition in Pretoria.

– 1982-1988: Flautist in the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra, and sang in the Symphony Choir of Johannesburg with Richard Cock.

– 1993: Appointed Assistant to SA branch of Impresario Pim Broere Promotions (The Netherlands & New York), organising concert tours and recordings for overseas artists throughout South Africa.

– 1996-2010: Presented History and Appreciation of Music and Art lectures and workshops in Jhb, and on a freelance basis to various societies in SA, including the Jhb Ballet at the Civic Theatre, Friends of the Artscape Opera Theatre (Cape Town), the Decorative Arts Society and the Archeological Society (Jhb, Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Somerset West), and Fine And Decorative Arts Society (Cape Town.)

– Presented the pre-concert talks for the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra at the Linder Auditorium.

– 2010-2018: Presents music history lectures and workshops to various interest groups in Stockholm, including the International Women’s Club, the American Women’s Club, the British and Commonwealth Association, the Diplomatic Women’s Club (at the British Ambassador’s Residence), and the Association for the Speakers of English.

Also: presentations at both the Finnish, British and Hungarian Residences & Embassies.

Also: Presentations about South Africa in various schools and institutions, and interest groups in Stockholm.

– Currently: manages the Musical Appreciation Group for the IWC (International Women’s Clubs) in both Stockholm and Cape Town, American WC, and Stockholm Accueil (French ex-pat community.)

– Currently: travels widely in Sweden, the UK and Europe, and writes cultural travel articles for her own online magazine: and for other magazines.



Former British Ambassador to Stockholm, Sweden                                                                                               9 August 2017

Dear Elizabeth 

I always enjoyed attending your musical talks in Stockholm, and it’s great to hear that you’re hoping to do some more!

I would be happy for you to quote me as saying the following:

During my time as Ambassador in Stockholm I was fortunate enough to hear Elizabeth Handley give several fascinating talks on the history of classical music. She brought to them great enthusiasm, excellent presentational skills and a lovely sense of humour. 

Very best wishes,




Elizabeth is a freelance lecturer on a wide variety of topics pertaining to music and art. Her lectures are supported by PowerPoint presentations and are extremely professional, as is her delivery.

Elizabeth has lectured to diverse audiences both on South Africa and Sweden, where she is currently based.

Elizabeth has lectured on many occasions to members and guests of the Decorative Arts Society I Johannesburg over a number a period of 20 years. She is passionate about teaching and her subjects, which have been enhanced by her travels in Europe and America. This is evidenced by her delivery of her lectures, which are enthusiastically received by her audiences.

Jill Snaddon

Co-chair and Programme Organiser, The Decorative Arts Society of Johannesburg, South Africa

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