Tiramisu - Lucy edFor those who love strong coffee, dark chocolate and the rich creaminess of mascarpone cheese, this Italian dessert is the one for you. Tiramisu is the nicest, easiest, and most popular dessert to serve at any time of the year.

You can either make it in a square shallow dish and cut it into squares, or serve it in tall stemmed glasses, which is more festive, and elegant.


3 eggs yolks and 2 egg whites

50 g castor sugar

225 g mascarpone cheese

150 ml very strong espresso coffee

3 Tbs rum

1 x 125 g packet of sponge fingers

50 g plain chocolate, chopped

1 level dessert spoon cocoa powder


  1. Place the egg yolks and sugar into a medium-sized bowl and whisk or beat until the mixture forms a light pale mousse.
  2. In a large bowl: stir the mascarpone until smooth and soft, then gradually beat the egg mixture into it, a portion at a time. Ensure that each time the mixture becomes very smooth and creamy.
  3. In a third clean bowl: whisk the egg whites until they form soft peaks. Then fold the mascarpone mixture into it and set aside.
  4. Combine the coffee and rum in a small bowl, lay the sponge fingers in a flat square dish, and pour the coffee-rum mixture over them. If you are using tall glasses, cut the fingers in half and dip them briefly in the coffee-rum mixture; they will quickly absorb the liquid.
  5. Layer the dessert in either the flat dish or tall glasses by alternating the mascarpone mixture with the chopped chocolate, ending with the chocolate. Finish with a light dusting of cocoa powder.
Lucy ed

Lucy Robertshaw

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